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History of Chyavanprash
Herbs Descended from Gods: 

The ancient lore of India tells us the story of an old rishi Chyavana, who married a young princess. Pleased with the devotion of his young & beautiful wife, Chyavana decides to reclaim his youthfulness, vigor & vitality, but knows no way. Chyavana starts a great penance to attain health. The story says that Aswini Devas, the twin lords of Ayurveda, blessed him with a special mix of herbs with which Chyavana attained the desired youthfulness.

Later known as Chyavanaprasha (Prasha meaning a mix of herbs made into paste), this elixir has stood the test of time and changed lives of many, by helping them maintain a strong immunity, vitality & vigor.

About Chyavanprash

The Elixir of Life

Kerala ayurveda's chyavanprash contains carefully chosen handpicked authentic ayurvedic ingredients,
fried in ghee, the way sage chyavana used to make it.

The King of all Rasayanas, Chyavanprash, is a time-tested potent herbal anti-ageing nutritive jam that helps increase longevity and enhance one’s Quality of Life.

Amalaki (Emblica officinalis) : We handpick wild amla from Chhattisgarh forest because it contains
highest in Vit C & specific tannin content
Draksha (Vitis vinifera): Seeded variety of Draksha is imported from Afghanistan
Pushkaramool (Inula racemosa): Crucial ingredient for improving respiratory health and immunity is
procured from Kulu, Himachal Pradesh
Pippali (Piper longum): Superior Asali variety of Long Pepper is procured from Bengal & Assam

Health Benefits

      -  A traditional immune booster recipe (for all ages) that builds ‘Ojas’

      -  Helps the body fight Seasonal Infections

      -  Helps improving skin complexion and keeps it radiant

      -  Rejuvenates all the tissues in the body

      -  Improves overall vigour and vitality

      -  Helps purify the blood and eliminates the toxins

      -  Restores virility and is a tonic to replenish the reproductive system

      -  Maintains optimal urinary health 

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