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Kerala Ayurveda Limited’s endeavor could be termed as ‘Validation of ancient Ayurveda Wisdom through Scientific Interpretation’ – an extremely focused, unique and rarest of rare combinations of clubbing rich Ayurveda Heritage with Modern Science. 

At KAL, we emphasize on understanding the ancient Ayurveda Scriptures – the Vedas, to recalibrate ancient Knowledge into Modern Applications. Through a structured understanding of Ayurveda and through implementation of various Modern Investigational Methodologies, we develop Products that are benchmarked as per the Protocols and Standards set by Industry Governing Bodies with utmost concern for safety, purity and efficacy with no toxic or heavy metal contamination.




Katra Phytochem (India) Private Limited – that enables KAL to develop Effective and Efficient processes for manufacturing Wellness-oriented products at Globally Recognized Standards,

Renovel Discoveries, USA – that has 100s of Patents, and possesses significant expertise in Drug Discovery and Preclinical Evaluation of promising Products in Biological Models for Safety and Efficacy, and

Asthagiri Herbal Research Foundation – that possesses over 150 Man-years of Scientific Expertise in Characterization and Authentication of Herbal Actives, thereby assuring the consumer of consistent Efficacy across all batches.

Ayurvedic Research & Development (R&D) Center 

The Research and Development (R&D) Center of KAL is well-equipped and is engaged in various Research activities spanning across all areas of Ayurvedic Research. The Department of Science and Technology, Government of India, has approved this Center. The R&D Division is presently engaged in Drug Research, Clinical Research, Pharmaceutical Research and Research in Agro-techniques and Fundamental Research. It has also formulated, tried and launched various new Formulations that are being manufactured and marketed by KAL. The department ensures the quality of KAL Products by keeping a close watch on each and every phase of production and by monitoring through its scrupulous criteria.

New Products are formulated by our R&D Wing after intensive Research, Animal Trials and Clinical Trials. The Drugs developed by them for specific diseases have established a good reputation among Doctors and Patients.

Standardization of Treatment and Therapies are managed by Clinical R&D, in which Experts from various disciplines are engaged.